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HDE has consistently proven itself with Bottom Line Results!

Some of HDE's Operational
Bottom Line Results

Improved on-time delivery to 99%, level-loaded production schedules and established pull (Kanban) systems.
Reduced supplier base by 41% and cut total material cost by 8.5% within 6 months.
Decreased inventory levels by 50% in 9 months.
Reduced direct labor by 20%, indirect and exempt by 34%, space by 38% and increased capacity by 40%.
Developed short-term strategy in 2 divisions that turned a profit in 60 days from a loss.
Implemented cellular layout in a 40 million dollar division in 5 weeks while setting record production and shipment levels.
Reduced scrap, rework and overtime by 70% in 4 weeks.
Implemented JIT across 4 product lines and cut cost by $500,000 in first 90 days.
Directed design and development of a new product for consumer introduction in 4 months.
Implemented systems for: Business Planning, Sales Forecasting, Vendor Management, MRP Improvement and ABC Accounting.
Installed computerized control systems which improved product availability.
Moved international plant operations in 3 days.


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