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Gain Control of Your Company

Don't Let Your Competitors or Customers Set Your Goals
Are you missing delivery dates or shipping short in spite of having large amounts of inventory?
Do you have trouble introducing new products?
Do you have too little, too much or not the right information to control your business?
Do you have production process problems and too many engineering documentation changes?
Is your inventory constantly out of vital parts?
Are you shipping a quality product the first time, every day? (Quality at the source)
Do you have a large out of control supplier base?
Is production level loaded with short leadtimes, minimal scrap and rework?
Are you having trouble maximizing your internal cash flow or unable to meet payment dates or discounts?
Do you receive timely feedback from Accounting and MIS?
Is your business "behind the times", facing short term survival or needs to widen profit margins?
Does your company need a well developed one and three year marketing and sales plan to assess the direction of future growth and implement it?

If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, you need HDE!!


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