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HDE has extensive International experience!

Some of HDE's
International Experience

Worked with government office of Ireland to set-up international division for a large multi-functional U.S. company.
Worked with the Singapore government to establish an operation in their country.
Worked with Mexican government Maquiladora program for two U.S. companies and have had operational experience with manufacturing operations throughout Mexico.
Consulted with a motor company located in Caracas, Venezuela. Reviewed manufacturing methods and operations. Worked with a trading company in Venezuela and Colombia negotiating contract and equipment.
Familiar with manufacturing companies and their business operations in the Sao Paulo area of Brazil.
Worked with government personnel to establish start-up manufacturing operations in the Caribbean basin (St. Lucia and Barbados).
Assisted a Puerto Rican general manager with the day-to-day running of his operation in Hatilio, Puerto Rico for six months. Moved a manufacturing operation out of Puerto Rico and moved a plant to Puerto Rico. Relocated an existing Puerto Rican plant and worked with local Puerto Rico government officials and building contractors to construct a plant in Puerto Rico.
Travelled to Japan and Europe on manufacturing and marketing assignments.
Crisis Management - Interim president of large textile company in Southwestern Poland. Established and implemented restructure plan in three months.
Visited and established vendor relationships and manufacturing facilities extensively during the past six years in England, France, Switzerland, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Poland, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico and Canada.
Have done various consulting and management projects in Mexico, Canada, England, India and Poland.


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