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Bob Hewitt is a seasoned business executive with extensive operational and financial background in a variety of fields. A former president and group executive who has managed companies of various sizes, both public and private, and has "hands on" turnaround experience.

Robert G. Hewitt has developed a proven analytical and systematic approach tested in all types and sizes of manufacturing, distribution and service companies, and can help you overcome your business obstacles and problems.

Interpersonal skills address the most delicate tasks. His success is due to direct involvement with management and people, unlike the traditional sideline role of some other consultants.

Bob successfully developed and managed diverse projects in a wide variety of complex businesses, aerospace, textiles, mechanical, electro-mechanical, military and OEM electronics and micro computer system communication companies. He established methods by which companies' critical goals were translated into coordinated initiatives and linked to supporting action items. He provided the integrated management systems, financial controls and operating procedures needed to measure and evaluate the results attained.

Bob is skilled at handling continuing change in growth/expansion programs or severe problem/restructuring situations. He's able to take charge, establish initiatives, develop support and implement the programs needed to change the results of business operations on a daily basis. Bob has a consistent record of greatly improved organizational effectiveness, competitive position and profitability in complex and challenging environments.

Bob is a graduate of M.I.T. Business.

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