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The primary mission of the Crisis Management Practice is to provide on-site senior level management and related consulting services for companies in crisis.

We function as short-term intensive-care specialists to stabilize the failing company. Then we introduce new concepts, actions and disciplines that will permit its immediate and long-term survival. In many cases, using a short-term crisis manager can be an attractive alternative to making a permanent change during a stressful situation.

Our highly qualified senior management consultants have the special skills required to stabilize a troubled organization, which are generally not the same as the skills needed to manage and motivate long-term re-direction and growth.

Our approach to crisis management is:

ASSESSMENT AND DIAGNOSIS - We determine the company's viability and identify major problems with a thorough business analysis focusing on strengths and the potential for long-term viability. This assessment study covers all aspects of the business, including financial data, product lines, markets, organization, facilities, personnel and competition.

STRATEGIC PLANNING - We develop a tightly focused business plan to stop the decline and return operations to a positive cash flow as quickly as possible.

IMPLEMENTATION - We assist with implementation of the recovery plan to any degree required by the client. For example, we can function in an advisory capacity to help senior management consider alternatives and reach major decisions. Or we can deal directly with customers, creditors, lenders, suppliers, employees and union on behalf of the company, acting as the CEO's official representative.

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